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  • Will I Be Charged For The Initial Consultation?
    No. The initial 30-minute consultation, whether in-office or by telephone, is always free-of-charge.
  • Where Is Your Office Located?
    Our offices are located in Montgomery, Birmingham, and Huntsville.
  • How Do I Make A Payment?
    We have implemented many different payment methods for the convenience of our clients. You may pay on our website on the "Payments" page via PayPal. Or you may call our office for wiring instructions or to make a credit card payment over the phone. Alternatively, you may mail the payment to our office located in Montgomery, AL.
  • What Is The Fee For Handling My Case?
    For most cases, the hourly rate is $200. This may vary depending on the type of case and other particulars involved in your legal matter. In most civil cases, Mr. Blevins charges a contigent fee based on the recovery. This fee can range from 33%-50%.
  • What Types Of Legal Matters Does Mr. Blevins Handle?
    Mr. Blevins handles a variety of legal matters from a simple divorce to a complex legal malpractice case and more.
  • What are Mr. Blevins' Qualifications?
    Mr. Blevins is a graduate of Auburn University, a decorated military veteran of the U.S. Army, former prosecutor, former state employee, and an attorney with 25+ years of varied experience handling numerous types of cases.
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